The Foundation Project

Throughout 2017 we brought together more than 100 participants from community, local government, high schools, the social start-up sector, business and industry and youth organisations to:

  • Trial, test and scale the stakeholder engagement and co-research process to underpin the ongoing work of the Intergener8 Living Lab.
  • Engage Living Lab stakeholders - including young people - in using, testing and adapting a suite of co-research and co-design tools to identify and map the technology and wellbeing needs of young people in Greater Western Sydney.
  • Integrate the suite of tools with the stakeholder engagement and co-research process.
  • Connect with international research, policy and practice that deploys collaborative academic-public technology-based processes (e.g. hackathons, public conferences, creative commons works) to inform the development and promote uptake of the co-research platform.