New Projects

We’ve kicked off 2019 with some exciting new projects engaging children and young people on a range of topics including digital and social media, nutrition and violence prevention.

State of the World’s Children Report 2019

We’re very excited to announce that we will once again be partnering with UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children team to run a series of workshops in 15 countries to gather data about adolescents’ and mothers’ experiences of child food and nutrition using our methodology. The results of the consultation will inform the 2019 State of the World’s Children report, as well as a companion report.

Child-Centred Indicators for Violence Prevention

In partnership with Intergener8 Living Lab and the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, this project will pilot a Living Lab process to bring children, young people and other key stakeholders together to develop child-­centred indicators of violence in one Pathfinding Country (the Philippines), which can then be scaled to other Pathfinding Countries in the Global Partnership’s network.

Children and Social Media in the Gulf Area

Drawing on our unique Living Lab methodology to work with children and other key stakeholders, this project will explore how children are using digital media in the Gulf Area, identify the harms and benefits they may experience in doing so, and co-design strategies to minimize the risks of harm and maximize the opportunities of social media engagement.

General Comment on Children and Digital Media

In 2018, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child voted to develop a General Comment to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), on children and digital media. The General Comment will address the role of the digital across the 40+ substantive articles of the CRC. In order to inform this important piece of work, the Intergener8 team at Western Sydney University, in partnership with UNICEF and Digitally Connected, will work with young people around the world to elicit their insights and experiences of their rights in a digital age.

Centre of Excellence for Resilient Communities and Inclusive Societies

Members of the Intergener8 team are leading a research stream, Youth, Diversity and Wellbeing in a Digital Age,  as part of the Centre of Excellence for Resilient Communities and Inclusive Societies (CERCIS), led by Deakin University. Research will focus on developing a technology-based youth consultation platform for social wellbeing, the co-design of strategies to address violence through school and community-based education, and encouraging youth participation in decision-making for policy and practice in the field.

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