Living Lab Approach

A Living Lab is a real-life test, experimentation and development environment where relevant stakeholders come together to explore, co-create and evaluate new concepts, products and services (ENoLL, n.d.).

Building on 20 years of research and innovation in the fields of youth, technology and wellbeing, we are creating a Living Lab that focuses on the relationship between people’s digital practices and their navigation of risk, resilience and wellbeing. Combining research with community-connected, intergenerational and participatory design processes, the Intergener8 Living Lab will refine a unique, iterative methodology with potential for application in other contexts and challenges.

Our living lab provides research and co-design infrastructure to bring different generations, community, industry and other experts together on a flexible and ongoing basis supported by an Intergenerational Living Lab Toolkit. Together we research and design programs, services and policies and co-create and trial new and potentially commercialisable products that significantly boost engagement, wellbeing, resilience and entrepreneurship by harnessing the potential of technology.